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Maintenance Tips

Preventive Maintenance Tips

Not following the proper preventive maintenance may lead to major computer failures such as loss of data or a PC crash. At Interblueweb we are committed to help you keep your computer running properly, reason why we have developed a list of useful tips as your computer-care guide.

  • Perform an anti-virus scan weekly: Your PC can be easily infected, and to avoid this you should.
    • Avoid (some) free downloads from the internet.
    • Not use pirate software.
    • Not share storage media that has been used in other computers.
    • Not download dangerous email attachments without performing a virus scan before.
  • Keep a backup of your files: Backing up your information in a Hard Drive, CD, or other medium prevents you from losing valuable data.
  • Uninstall unused software: We recommend a weekly clean up of temporary files on the Hard Drive; by doing this, your PC will have additional space, and better performance.
  • Defragment your PC’s Hard Drive and check for errors: We recommend a monthly defragmentation of the HD to readjust fragmented files. This is done to increase the efficiency when accessing your files.
  • Perform a proper shut down: Do not turn your PC off using the power button. This might damage your configuration files. The best way it to hit start, and then shut down.
  • Keep your computer away from heat and moisture: The best way to do this is to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, water, and sudden changes in temperature; all these will prevent corrosion of the metals inside the computer. Install an adequate fan in the computer supply (to keep a temperature of 60-85 °F).
  • Keep the dust away from your PC: Dust clogs the inside of your PC; cleaning the dust enhances air circulation, and prevents your computer from circulating. Compressed air is great to remove the dust. We recommend you do this every 6 months.
  • Do not connect power sources directly into wall outlets: Use a surge protector to prevent electrical power surges; too much voltage will destroy your PC’s circuits.
  • Keep magnetic fields away from your computer: Magnetism might cause loss of data of your hard drive.
  • Prevent wires from being too close to each other: Radio frequencies cause interference.
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink near your PC.